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List of Mekakucity Actors episodes

Cover of the first DVD volume of Mekakucity Actors released by Aniplex, featuring Ene.

Mekakucity Actors (メカクシティアクターズ, Mekakushiti Akutāzu?, lit. Blindfold City Actors) is a 2014 television anime series produced by Shaft, based on the Kagerou Project created by Jin.[1] The series is directed by Yūki Yase and Akiyuki Shinbo. The series began airing in Japan from April 12, 2014 and is being simulcast by Crunchyroll. The series is licensed in North America by Aniplex of America.[2][3] The main opening theme is “Daze” by Maria from Garnidelia, and the main ending theme is “Days” by Lia. The story follows a group known as the Mekakushi-Dan (Blindfold Gang), consisting of various people possessing unique powers.


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Episode list[edit]

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“Artificial Enemy”
“Jinzō Enemī” (人造エネミー) 

April 12, 2014

Shintarō Kisaragi is an 18-year-old shut-in and NEET who spends pretty much his entire life on the computer. On August 14, Ene, an artificial intelligence living inside of his computer, inadvertently causes Shintarō to spill soda on his keyboard, leaving it damaged beyond repair. With no online stores able to deliver a new keyboard quickly due to the Obon holiday, Shintarō has no choice but to actually go out in public for the first time in two years to buy a new keyboard himself. Upon arriving in the department store, however, he ends up becoming a hostage as a group of terrorists take over the store, taking over the security controls and putting the place in lockdown. Whilst sitting amongst the hostage, a peculiar boy comes up to Shintarō, asking him if he has a plan to escape. Taking Ene into consideration, Shintarō replies that he has a plan with a 100% chance of success, provided someone makes a good enough distraction. Surely enough, a big distraction occurs, as monitors and shelves start toppling over, seemingly by themselves, giving Shintarō the opportunity to plug Ene into the security system so she can put it back under her control, at which point Shintarō passes out. 

“Kisaragi Attention”
“Kisaragi Atenshon” (如月アテンション) 
“Kisaragi Attention” (如月アテンション?) by Luna Haruna
April 19, 2014

Prior to the events of the previous episode, Shintarō’s younger sister, an idol named Momo Kisaragi, has trouble arriving at school on time as she keeps inadvertently